Drywall Repair: Do It Yourself or Hire a Contractor?


If your home has drywall walls or ceilings, it’s likely they’ll need repairing at some point. Drywall is a popular construction material because it holds many advantages over systems like lath and plaster. However, although drywall is more stable than plaster it’s also thinner and can sustain damage for a variety of reasons. So, do you carry out a drywall repair yourself or is it better to call in a drywall professional?

Key questions to ask yourself in making this important decision include:

  • Do you regard your home as an investment?
  • Are you sure of your DIY capabilities?
  • How much time can you spare for drywall repair work?
  • Can you find a reliable, affordable drywall contractor?

Other factors that may influence your decision include the type and extent of damage to your drywall. Weighing up these considerations can be a big help when choosing between DIY drywall repair or hiring a drywall contractor, so we’ll look at them in a little more detail.

Protecting Your Investment in Your Home

Owning your home is a huge investment for most people. If you want to safeguard that outlay, you need to think about the resale value of your property when you’re considering works like drywall repairs.

Hiring a drywall repair specialist will ensure the job is carried out to professional standards, giving you long-lasting walls and ceilings that will appeal to potential homebuyers – holding or potentially increasing the value of your house.

If you’re sure your DIY capabilities can produce a similar result, you may decide it’s better to do the job yourself. Just make sure you’re not over-estimating your handyman skills – some drywall repairs entail specialist techniques that can take years to master.

What Type of Drywall Repair Do You Need?

While you may feel confident in tackling minor drywall damage like a tiny hole, more extensive DIY drywall repairs can spell disaster for misguided amateurs.

For instance, if you need to replace a drywall sheet, you’re going to have to know a lot about techniques like drywall mudding and drywall taping.

And for any drywall repair, you need to be proficient in drywall sanding and drywall finishing.

If in doubt about going it alone with a drywall repair, it’s probably better to leave it to the professionals, particularly with bigger jobs.




Are You Really Up to the Job?

Whatever the size of the drywall repair you need, it pays to bear in mind that some people seem to have a natural affinity and aptitude for DIY work, while for others calamity awaits every time they pick up a screwdriver.

Most people fall somewhere in the middle of this DIY spectrum. While having basic construction knowledge is helpful, remember that drywall repairs – especially mudding and taping – require a lot of experience to do the job right.

Drywall repair specialists are often called in to sort out problems caused by botched DIY drywall repairs – resulting in greater costs than getting the job done properly first time.

How Much Free Time Do You Have?

Depending on the size of the job, repairing drywall can be extremely time-consuming for amateurs who have to figure out each stage of the process and work largely by trial and error.

This can be a big problem in busy households, particularly if you have kids that already take up most of your free time.

On top of that, you may have a demanding job with long hours, which often leaves you feeling exhausted at the end of the workday and needing to recharge your batteries with a relaxing weekend.

If you have the free time to spare, you still need to consider the effect on your family of the general mess and inconvenience of a prolonged drywall repair that may stretch over several weekends.

Finding a Drywall Repair Service You Can Trust and Afford

If you decide to hire a professional, you’ll want to find drywall repair services that are both affordable and trustworthy, so look for a contractor with plenty of experience who:

  • Uses quality drywall repair materials and specialist tools.
  • Employs expert drywall repair technicians.

The best drywall repair contractors will also be able to:

  • Keep drywall repair costs to a minimum by having the expertise to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Demonstrate a proven track record in reliability and customer commitment.




Why Professional Drywall Repair Can Be Cost-Effective

Cost is a major factor for most homeowners when deciding whether to have a go at drywall repairs themselves or bring in a pro.

DIY may at first seem a great way to save a few dollars, but it may not be as cost-effective as you think.

You need to take into account considerations such as the cost of buying or hiring specialist equipment, with the possibility of still having to hire a pro later if the job goes wrong.

Drywall Repair Contractor Pricing

Professional drywall repair pricing varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Complexity of the job.
  • Size of the area needing repair.

Drywall repair costs can also be influenced by where you live. If you’re in an area with a lot of drywall contractors, they may offer more competitive prices. Get a few quotes but be wary of unrealistically low bids that may indicate a tendency to cut costs through cheap labor and inferior materials.

Many homeowners find the cost of hiring a drywall repair contractor is well worth it, not least for peace of mind that the job will be done to the highest standards of craftmanship with a professional finish. If you live in Texas and are considering the pros and cons of DIY drywall repair vs. hiring a professional, our drywall repair company can tell you precisely how much your particular drywall repair job will cost.